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Advance Slim Price:

1 box = rm120

2 box free 1 Box = rm240

4 Box free 3 box = rm480


Consume 1 sachet of AS mix with water before breakfast daily.

Useful Tips:

Drink plenty of water at least 3 litres a day for effective result of using this product.

Nutritional Facts:

Product Origin:


D-2-1, jalan serai wangi h 16/h,

alam avenue, persiaran selangor, seksyen 16, 40200 shah alam, selangor


Weight Loss Disclaimers:

- the weight loss experience maybe vary for different person, testimonial here is base on some successful story from our customers only. - If you have serious weight condition you must seek professional advice even if you believe our product can help you. - We do not recommend Children,the old,Pregnant women,Breastfeeding, High blood & Diabetes patients taking our product.



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